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Corporate Events

As the best event management company in Bangalore, we have handled local, regional and international events of all sizes for many companies and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Present, promote and share your brand’s authority and credibility to your target customers and customers with extra care and encouragement. Our event management in Bangalore, Bangalore or even across the country takes care of everything from the conception of your company event to the implementation. Our top corporate event planners in Bangalore, Whift Events can create an inspiring and memorable experience for your business and guests.

Employee Engagement Events

Want to break the monotony of your workplace? Call us to plan the party! We are experts in creating internal company events such as induction programs, awards ceremonies, training initiatives, team building activities, challenges and competitions that can help create a sense of belonging and boost employee morale.

Social Events

“We plan, you celebrate” The perfect choice for your social events! Take the opportunity to explore the royal occasion of Events and Events with our best Events Management Company in Bangalore. Our event management company in Bangalore will take care of all your needs. From engagement parties to weddings, get-together birthday parties, college reunions and family celebrations, we are experts at delivering perfection. Whift Events, one of the top event organizers in Bangalore, offers virtual stories with full production, administration, content creation and technical support combined with the hospitality and dedication you have come to expect from our events.

Virtual Events

Don’t be put off by the focal length. And don’t waste your moment. Here’s the trick! Your best event planner in Bangalore, Whift Events offers virtual/hybrid events that are completely different from traditional physical events. Share the same spirit with hassle-free and well-established virtual events through our virtual events management company in Bangalore and Bangalore. Our events management in Bangalore focuses on ideation, planning, organization, execution and coordination of all your virtual events within an affordable price range.

Brand Activation

Creating a brand with authentic and quality services/products is crucial for businesses to be financially successful in this space. However, it is much more important to make an impression on your brand’s target audience. So let’s make it happen. With our top event planners in Bangalore, give your brand launch the attention it deserves with a presentation that will make positive waves in the market. What makes your publication so important? Because up to 95% of new consumer and packaged goods fail. In addition, there is a lot of noise outside due to the numerous things that come onto the market every day.

The success of promoting a product and whether it becomes the next “must-have” product depends on it. Whift Events and Brand Activation Company in Bangalore, the best event planners in Bangalore and Brand Activation Company in Bangalore can help get things off to a flying start and not the dreaded failure.

Our Bangalore corporate event planners and Brand Activation team know how to create an event that is memorable and engaging, while also personalizing a message for an audience. Whift Events brand launch event management included stand setup, decoration, brand awards, brand promotion and requirements for your needs.


Let our events management company in Bangalore design, create and communicate on your behalf! A one stop solution for all your event management needs across the country. One of the best event planners in Bangalore, Whift Events extends our event management service to exhibitions. We relieve you and make sure that you never fall behind in the management of your company. Our team of experts know your business inside out and will take care of every aspect of running a world-class event. Our experienced events planners in Bangalore will deliver a rich experience for your guests through rigorous planning and efficient communication. We employ a wide range of tools, processes and a team of experts working as one. Carefully crafted procedures, policies and planning framework.

Sports & CSR Events

Make every step sportier with our top event planners in Bangalore. We provide qualified sports management “on the pitch” and have established extensive and trusted relationships with professional clubs across the country. In addition, we have built a wide and effective network of connections with many of the world’s best-known companies. Activating everything from major international sporting events to specific corporate sporting events is our specialty as leading sporting events management company. Secure and environmentally friendly sporting events management services at an affordable price.